Better. Together.

The Swiss Protein Association (SPA) was founded at the end of 2021 by leading
food manufacturers and start-ups in Switzerland.

We want to raise awareness of consumers, industry leaders and politicians for
the benefits of alternative protein products and advocate for the best framework
conditions for our members.

Our members

Hilcona AG. "Hilcona AG has long (...) become a provider of diverse and
sustainable food; we support the promotion of alternative protein sources and are
already using them in many ways."
Martin Henck

Kündig. "Alternative protein sources combine fair trade and innovative production processes with a long-term spectrum of success. Thus, they correspond exactly to the corporate philosophy of the Kündig
Sandro Kündig

Migros Industrie. "Migros Industrie's commitment to alternative protein sources
covers the entire product range.
By founding the association, we are pooling the strength and experience of all members."
Ralph Langholz

Planted Foods. "With the association, we are working with strong partners to drive the inevitable change towards more alternative protein sources in the most sustainable and holistic way possible."
Judith Wemmer

Fredag. "Fredag AG is investing in the expansion of its production capacities for vegetarian and vegan specialties and is thus ensuring that it is able to
meet the constantly growing demand for its plant-based products in the long term."

Frigemo. The specialist for frozen convenience products. As a subsidiary of Fenaco, it is embedded in the heart of the Swiss agricultural industry.

Sabo. "Hardly any other product group in the food sector has recently been in demand as much as meat substitutes: vegan meat substitutes are no longer a niche product! Sabo - the partner when it comes to textured vegetable protein (TVP)."
Nicole Lardi

Impag. "Thanks to distinctive technical know-how with our own food technologists and the high quality of our raw materials, we support you as a partner in the
evaluation of innovations and product developments."

Verdunova. "We see the promotion of core bean cultivation as a great contribution to clean air. We put our experience in local cultivation and first preservation (deep-freezing) of the protein-rich legumes at the service of the SPA."
Beni Dürr

Herbert Ospelt Anstalt. "Based on the principles of the Ospelt Group, we pursue a conscious sustainability policy with care and responsibility. For us, it is a concern to look around for alternative protein sources and to be able to offer innovative alternatives to animal proteins."
Beat Scherrer

Knecker. "For me, plant-based protein is the future, the transformation of the food industry from animal to plant-based proteins has already started."
Anne Richter-Brauns

Nutriswiss. "We are the leading fat refiner and modifier nationally in Switzerland in the specialty and organic product sectors."

Frutarom. "VeggieUp. The future is plant-based and the savoury flavours of Frutarom play their part in a sustainable taste experience."

fabas. "To achieve a truly sustainable transition to alternative proteins, their production must happen in Switzerland. Then, local farmers will benefit and diversity of crops as well as security of supply will increase."

Outlawz Food AG. "As an ethically vegan business, we are committed to making the switch from meat to plant-based meat substitutes simple and tasty.
Outlawz Food AG is committed to moving the plant-based market forward, contributing to a sustainable, healthy and ethical diet for the future."
Nathalie Christinger

Florin AG. "As the largest Swiss processor of oilseeds, the sustainable production of vegetable protein carriers, complementing the production of purely vegetable, sustainable oils, fats and margarines, is part of our core competence."
Jasmin Sporrer

Mirai Foods AG. "We are researching and developing technologies for the production of cultured meat. Together with other approaches, cultured meat will be able to offer consumers a holistic choice of high-quality and sustainable alternative proteins."
Oliver Naef

Groupe Minoteries SA. "At the core of our community is the creation, development and delivery of plant-based products and services that help make life healthier, easier and more sustainable every day."
Valérie Vincent

Blattmann Schweiz AG. "With our wheat and spelt proteins, Blattmann has been making an important contribution to the local and sustainable production of alternative protein sources for over 165 years. In the long term, however, we are keen to use innovation to expand our portfolio with other plant-based proteins in order to drive the inevitable change towards sustainable food."
Dr. Catherine Cunin 

HOCHDORF Group. "Alternative proteins represent an important enhancement to modern nutrition, which we are actively helping to shape as a Swiss powder drying and milk processing company."
Lukas Hartmann, CIO 

Associated members

Swiss Insects. " Edible insects are a local superfood. They are rich in protein, up to 70%, and they contain all 9 essential amino acids. They are one of the credible answers to meeting the ecological and nutritional challenges of the future."
Jean-Yves Cuendet

Carbagas. "More than 100 years of experience as a partner to the food industry, combined with a global network for research and development."

ATP architekten ingenieure. "We want to establish sustainable and climate-neutral construction as the standard through new ways of thinking and acting, and make the world a better place with our buildings."

Bühler AG. "We offer individual solutions to process sustainable protein sources into high-quality food products - from the bean to cleaning, shelling, grinding, protein extraction and extrusion to the plant-based burger."

As a member you benefit.

  • As an industry association, we advocate for your needs by taking our issues to the right places and standing up for you.
  • We connect you with the most exciting people in the industry from established companies and innovative start-ups.
  • We are your contact for all your open questions and needs and help you find solutions.

Association structure


President: Judith Wemmer, Planted Foods AG
Vice president: Ralph Langholz, Migros Industrie

Marc Christen, Bell Food Group AG
Sandro Kündig, W. Kündig & Cie AG
Andreas Messerli, Hilcona AG


Karola Krell Zbinden, Food Lex AG

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