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The SPA organises 3 round tables per year under the slogan “an exchange for alternative proteins and interested people", where both members and interested people are welcome.

On June 12, 2024, the SPA roundtable will take place at the Federal Palace, in the form of a political event with a panel discussion on the topic "ALTERNATIVE PROTEINS: WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVED IN THIS LEGISLATURE", followed by an apéritif. 🌱 

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept registrations as our event is already fully booked. We appreciate your interest and hope to welcome you to a future event

The SPA Stammtisch took place in Bern on 8 March 2024. Marta Kusnierz from Givaudan spoke on the topic of "FOOD EXPERIENCES IN ALTERNATIVE PROTEINS". This was followed by an active discussion round and a lively exchange over an aperitif.🌱

Alternative Protein Day will take place for the second time on 20 September 2023. Be part of it and give up food of animal origin on this day.🌱 

The 6th SPA Stammtisch took place in Bern on 5.10.2023 with an inspiring input from Gabi Buchwalder regarding "Die Rolle des Detailhandels", as well as a subsequent Q&A session and an exchange of ideas over an aperitif. 🌱 

The 5th SPA Stammtisch took place at the IMPAG Gruppe on 1.05.2023. Yannick Gächter held an interesting talk on the topic of Cultured Meat. This was followed by a Q&A session and a lively exchange over an aperitif.🌱 

On 09.02.2023, the 4th SPA Round Table took place at Planted with an inspiring input presentation by  Serge Rezzi (Swiss Food & Nutrition Foundation)  on the topic of nutrition and health.🌱 

On 29.09.2022 the 3rd Stammtisch took place in Basel under the patronage of the Bell Food Group. Dörte Bachmann from SV Group informed us about the "Opportunities and challenges of alternative proteins in community catering" - a very thrilling topic!🌱 

On 02.06.2022 our 2nd round table took place in Buchs at Migros Industrie. The topic of the microbiome was an exciting basis for lively discussions.🌱

On 21.02.2022, the 1st round table started with the informativ input presentation by BCG on the topic of "food for tought - the protein transformation". 🌱

Alternative Protein Day was held for the first time on 20 September 2022. Our members diligently participated in the campaign and offered alternative lunch menus. We were particularly pleased that we were also able to convince the Galerie des Alpes and that the SPA was thus represented during the autumn session in the Federal Parliament. We look forward to next year! 🌱