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Frequently asked questions

Which ingredients are currently most important in the alternative protein sector?

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While cell-based and micro-organism-based alternative proteins are still in the early stages of market development, many plant-based products are already available. Products such as plant-based burgers, poultry substitutes or milk substitutes are now largely made from soy, beans and oats.

Alternative proteins are more expensive today than "conventional" ones. Why is that and will it change?

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The production of alternative proteins is still quite in its infancy. By optimising cultivation varieties and methods of plant-based ingredients, the price will
decrease in the future. We can assume that, depending on the technology, price parity with animal-based proteins will be reached in the next 2-10 years. While this should occur rather soon for plant-based alternatives, the price development for cell-based alternatives is still quite at the beginning.

How does Switzerland compare internationally?

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Switzerland has a long tradition as an agricultural and food producer and therefore has a strong ecosystem for developing alternative protein products. Many of our
companies are leaders in this field and, given sufficient framework conditions, can position themselves successfully in the market.

Tim Raue und die Veganisierung der Peking Duck. Planted steht zukünftig auf der veganen Karte.

Lidl Schweiz steigert Umsatz mit veganen und vegetarischen Produkten um 60 Prozent.

Swiss retailer launches plant-based egg

Aqua Cultured Foods Partners With Switzerland’s Largest Retailer Migros For Ultra-Realistic Alternative Seafood
(November 16th, 2021)

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